Air is one of those elements that will try to escape and enter your home in any way that it can. When you have cracks and drafts in your home, it allows your heated and cooled air to escape and makes way for air from outside to come in. This presents not only a problem for your comfort but for your pocket as well!

Your energy costs can go through the roof when you have cracks and gaps in your doors, windows, walls, and flooring. So, what can you do to seal your air leaks? We’ll discuss some of the most common and effective solutions for your home below!

Utilize Spray Foam

Seal Your Air Leaks Today

Spray foam is a type of insulation used in homes that creates a barrier to seal floors, walls, and ceilings against the inward and outward flow of air. This is a useful addition to any home because it helps to ensure optimal comfort an energy efficiency.

When you have air escaping through cracks, and vice versa, it can lead to an increase in heating and cooling bills and your home having an uncomfortable and uneven temperature.

Scheduling for a technician to install spray foam in your home is an important step in the direction of sealing your home properly.

Caulking Holes is Important

Seal Your Air Leaks Today

The last thing you want while trying to heat or cool your home is for air to escape. The same can be said for outside air coming in. This is where caulking holes and cracks come in.

Caulking your window frames, door frames, electrical outlets, and other structural components helps to ensure your air stays right where it should be.

A professional technician can help you identify where drafts and cracks are in your home that could benefit from caulking. Once the job is complete, you’ll notice the difference right away.

Install Weatherstripping to Protect Your Home From The Elements

Seal Your Air Leaks Today

Installing weatherstripping in your home helps to create a barrier between you and the outside elements. This is important because your heated and cooled air can slip right through the cracks of your doors and windows, allowing your temperature to become unstable and your utility bills to rise.

When you have weatherstripping installed, it will move with your home’s doors and windows, but create an impermeable seal against air loss/entry when closed. During the hot summers and cool winters, you’ll notice a big difference in the efficiency of your home’s heating and cooling system with weatherstripping in place.

Keeping your home properly insulated is an important step to take as a homeowner. Weatherstripping, spray foam, and caulking holes are all vital ways in which you can seal in your family’s comfort, while also saving money on your energy bills. If you need help installing or adding any of these to your home, give Polestar Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning a call at (913) 490-0342. Our professional technicians will get take care of all your insulation needs - no-hassle guaranteed!