Polestar Lennox $79 Tune Up

The Kansas City summer heat is here, make sure your air conditioning system is running efficiently! To help you stay cool all summer, Polestar is offering $79 AC Tune-Ups for New Customers! 

What exactly goes into an AC Tune Up? 

As one of just a few family owned and operated Plumbing, Heating and Cooling companies left in Kansas City, we believe in building long-term relationships with our clients, based on trust and transparency. We will always provide honest recommendations and only suggest necessary repairs or replacements. Polestar’s skilled technicians will perform various tasks to ensure your system is operating at its peak efficiency. Here are what the steps include:

1. Checking the thermostat settings and calibrating them if needed.

2. Inspecting and washing the condenser coils.

3. Checking and tightening electrical connections.

4. Checking the evaporator coil.

5. Checking the air filter.

6. Checking the blower motor and fan blades.

7. Testing refrigerant levels and balancing refrigerant if needed.

8. Lubricating moving parts as needed.

9. Checking the safety controls for proper operation.

10. Testing the system for proper operation and efficiency.

An AC Tune-Up will help to identify and resolve any minor problems your system has before they escalate to a system breakdown during the hottest days of the Kansas City summer. Polestar’s team of experienced technicians undergo rigorous training and stay up-to-date with the latest industry standards. You can trust their expertise to provide thorough inspections and accurate assessments of your AC system.

From Mission Hills to Leawood, Lenexa to Shawnee, and Overland Park to Olathe - Kansas City customers rely on the trusted professionals at Polestar to provide quality service at a fair price. Ready to take advantage of the $79 AC Tune-Up special? Contact the Polestar Team today at (913) 423-8827 or contact us here to schedule your first appointment.

*$79 AC Tune-Up Special Available For New Customers ONLY through July 31st, 2023.**